Child Maintance and Enforcement Commission Contact details
(too old to reply)
Trevor Boult
2009-04-17 13:57:02 UTC
Hi All,

Many of you have been in search of contact details. I have all the Ececutive
team and directors e-mail address and phone numbers let me know the reason
for contacting the agency and I'll point you in the correct direction.

ian howard
2009-05-23 08:44:52 UTC
Dear sir,

I have tried soo many time without avail contacting the CSA to investigate
where my payments has gone to. it has been almost a year since they
promised they are sending me account break down and each they still continue
asking me for money. I have always paid until last month which I made clear
to them that I do not intend to pay further until they deal with my case.

I have complained twice on their website but no one ever gets back to me.

please give me the contact details of the director I will contact him/ her

Miss Sharron Marshall
2009-06-01 19:52:28 UTC
Hi Trevor,
I am currently a full-time worker with 5 kids. My 2 eldest boys live with
their father and my daughter lives with me and my other two kids. Iv'e had
to go back to work early as I cannot survive! It really gets to me that the
CSA are taking 40% of my net pay. I'm left with just enough to cover my rent
and bills. If it wasn't for the family allowance and the pittance of child
tax credits, we wouldn't be eating!!!!! What has annoyed me even more is
that the boys father is receiving Income support AND has not told the DSS
that he is getting this money!! My two eldest are 15 and 12 so there is no
reason he can't get a job. Also, there is no way to stop him spending it on
2nd hand cars instead of the boys who it is supposed to be for. Why should I
pay money out of my own pocket to pay for a babysitter to watch my baby son??
??? ( I don't qualify for family tax credit so cannot claim childcare
I have tried several times through phonecalls, their website (to which I
have never had a response) and I am at my wits end! I have recieved a new
schedule to which they have got a DOE so I have no choice in the matter. The
fact that they only state I have two children at home (A very long pregnancy!
)is another one that concerns me as I have made several phonecalls one of
which infoming them that my fifth child had been born and that I have
returned to work!!!!
I want to complain to everyone and to somebody who will listen, take the
time and sort out this mess!!!!
Please let me have the directors and the executive team's e-mail asap. I am
depressed enough at having to return to work early (my youngest is 4 months)
and I don't think I can take this much longer.
Please help and point me in the right direction. Many thanks in
anticipation of your reply.

Red Melons
2009-06-02 19:23:08 UTC
Post by Miss Sharron Marshall
I want to complain to everyone and to somebody who will listen, take the
time and sort out this mess!!!!
Have you been to see your MP? Don't waste time phoning the CSA - put
everything in writing and copy everything to your MP. Then pay a visit
to your MP - he/she has a 'hotline' to the CSA which gets past the call
centre operators we have to deal with.